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The Dirty Dozens

12/12/12 by Anchorwind

at 12:12 on 12/12/12 I wish to honor my 12 fans: Amaranthus, CarbonCaliber, Deshiel, KFCCRUNCH13, LichLordMusic, MedusaGraiae, Modezdi, SlaughterClub, sunnyshades, swaenK, TheHeartgrinder, TheR3MAK3R. Let's have the Last Supper, Industrial Style. Record This Song. This is my Remix. Do this in remembrance of me. :)


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Yay, somebody actually remembered me, you, Heartgrinder, Deshiel, and LichLord are my favorite on the portal at the moment. You guys are a chunk of my messed up and twisted childhood, and are very intelligent in my young eyeballs. Keep up the work as I will to.

12/15/12 Anchorwind responds:

It is nice to remember and be remembered. :)



I didn't quite understand those last two sentences.

12/14/12 Anchorwind responds:

It's a parody of Jesus breaking bread at his Last Supper, when he equated the bread to his body. Something church-types used to say when I was a kid [maybe they still do?].