Entry #1

-Revised- Thank You List.

2012-11-22 18:49:34 by Anchorwind

I had posted a Thank You list and in it I had stated I was looking forward to expansions. It's expanded. One thing I didn't do was state how much many of these tracks have grown on me, as my initial reviews of them [on the relevant pages] may not reflect how much I enjoy them now. So Proper Credit and Thank You to the following:

Deshiel : New Powers, Electronic Hope and Despair
Elfire : Necro Syncrosis
Gustav21508 : Corrupt, Pain
i9incher : Let the Siege Begin, Sleep with One Eye Open
I-Saved-The-World : Viva Machina
Lich Lord Music : Simple Light [LLMRX], Poison Throne
My Brain Became Techno : Game On
No Fate Net : Decadence (Version), Suffer Mantra (Version)
Open Light : Full Circle
Red Sky Lullay : Half Star
RivetGirl666 : D:\ File (Instrumental)
Sapoman : Event Horizon
theeketel : Walking Gun Platform
TheHeartgrinder : Dreams and the Consequences That Follow, Limbo, The Great Charlatan, Pornucopia

Special Thanks to Lich Lord Music, Sapoman and The Heartgrinder for the feedback.
Another Special Thanks to The Heartgrinder for letting me remix Pornucopia.
My last Special Thanks of the session goes out to the 'Zerobombers' that help provide motivation.


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2012-11-23 15:29:03

You are more than welcome.

You should be thanked for the work you do as well. Not just musically but for your visual aesthetic as well. Although our methods and particular style are drastically different, I draw much inspiration from it.

When I paint, Velvet Scabbards and Neon Gunpowder makes for great background music. It really stimulates the creative juices and get them flowing. And it doesn't send me in any particular direction. The song is intriguing and almost forces you to use your imagination.

I particularly like Handle The Truth, Alone 241 l Redemption and Alone 238 l Fades. I can't go into much detail with these other than the visuals make my mind wander into some sort of abstract daydream.

Well, I'm done kissing your ass for today. Keep doing what you do.

Anchorwind responds:

You are certainly welcome. Perhaps you should try listening to my 'Stardust Lounge' stuff for background tracks. Reference artwork, I'm glad you like them. I've posted 241 or so on my primary site, feel free to browse. Thanks for the feedback.


2012-11-26 17:52:22

Thanks man.

Anchorwind responds:

You are welcome!