The End of the World

2012-12-21 09:22:14 by Anchorwind

Mother Machine has embraced us, after the World has Ended! You too may be loved by Mother Machine:
Track 6-9 have been posted on Newgrounds.


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2012-12-21 10:31:30

hey wanna play some mariokart or something after the world ends? :p

Anchorwind responds:

Rainbow Road in the cosmos? Why not?


2012-12-21 13:04:21

Since I am a Lich I simply won't die. Just drift around in space looking at the remains of our broken and dead planet.

I will definitelyfind some time tonight to listen to all your recent uploads :)

Anchorwind responds:

I imagine finding time won't be that hard, since you have so much of it - being unable to die and all :) .