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I like it. A solid track.

Although I had a chuckle at "criticise me hard." I did no such thing. I pointed out that you should be you, instead of what others want you to be. That's not a hard criticism, that's just a good life lesson in general. Look at me and my stuff, as an example. What would I be doing if I tried to do what others wanted me to be doing? The short answer is: not making anything at all :D .

My dark little corner of the music world isn't very popular and I'm ok with that. I make stuff I want to hear. If I find someone else that likes it and wants to hear it too, I'll be glad to share. If I don't, then I keep doing it anyway. My identity isn't defined by what other people have to say. Yours shouldn't be either. That's all.

You do you, whatever you is. If you ventured out into new things, and found it wasn't what you really wanted and you returned to something more comfortable and familiar? Cool. I think everyone experiments. Few people want to do the same thing all the time. It's normal.

If you're happy with what you're doing then that's what matters most. If so, you've got me beat. I keep listening to my stuff and thinking "I should have done this instead." or "I should revisit this." I find myself often unsatisfied. We all have our own fights.

I shy away from the word 'authentic' because it's been overused at times, but if it's your sound then embrace it. I like it when I can listen to something and it just has that 'authentic ______' sound. My stuff has a particular sound to it, so does Grinder's, and Phono's, and Lich's, and SlaughterClub's, etc. Develop yours.

I'll stop rambling now.

MyBrainBecameTechno responds:

First Phrase.
Yea i totally agree with this advice like example before long time ago i wanted to sound like infected mushroom and be like someone else and follow them and have hero to follow then after experience from working in music store for 6 years then getting in a movie company I wanted to be my self.

Second Phrase.
Yea I hate the pop music they make these days I prefer he underground stuff more mature people but to gain respect for people to like your dark stuff you need experience in it to be get good at it to gain the respect and your own followers.

Third Phrase.
I have to try new stuff now different style to be more open minded about sound design since its my job now so i can't be stuck to one style only.

forth phrase.
If i start a project i make sure i finish it before release I don't like submitting demo or preview did that once for my 2017 album just for hype but i only do it once I don't like getting people over excited and keep them waiting they should except from me a finish product each upload and there always a chance of making a vip track or re mastered version to add the stuff you wanted to add in.

Five Phrase.
Yea i like creating original stuff prefer to have my own sound like when I'm making a track I isolate my self and just focus on creating something and try not to listen to no other music at all so project sounds original.

Interesting piece, a bit hard to follow though.

Did you go back to a certain style just because of positive feedback? I hope not. Make what you want to make because that's the direction you're heading in.

MyBrainBecameTechno responds:

well i did a neurofunk album 18 tracks and I'm happy with it and i achieved the ultimate style in dnb i went from techno/trance/psychedelic goa/psybreak/break beat/drum n bass to neurofunk.
so I'm just taking a break from neurofunk witch is what i should had said. ill update message.

THIS IS BADASS. If this was a fully fleshed out song, instead of a :55 loop, i'd probably go full 5 stars. I'm -really- stingy with my stars too. Bell curve and all.

Love this. I'm going to listen again.

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Balcortac, how your wings shall spread so very far
as your steps wander upon fields of ash, the open scar
Time has forgotten you but I never will
for you see we're both lost, lost here still

fly now you above the sands of time
I will sink down in them from the sins of mine
fly long and hard to skies beyond me
and in my memory be the one I could never be

we stare into the empty space
as believe becomes know
exactly what we did so wrong
no home in which to go to go

We all start somewhere. It really matters not whether it be fantastic or not, as opposed to whether you were able to accomplish the expression you wished within your growing skill pool.

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Lich responds:

Well said.


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