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It has begun.

Mother Machine Archives

2016-09-26 11:59:47 by Anchorwind

I've put the 4 projects, with cover art and other art all on one page.  Full downloads, story - all of it.

Come take what you want.

Updating the catalog.

2016-08-21 14:37:05 by Anchorwind

That was surprisingly fun.  Took a couple hours and updated the:  CD art covers, titles, tags, and some descriptions for the uploads.   I have no idea why, just felt like it.

The CD covers are good in the project page, but a couple of them are still wrong in the ilst, even after refreshing.  We'll see how long it takes for everything to catch up.

I never used tags, didn't bother.  Since I opened up each one anyway, might as well - right?

Most description changes were adding the storylines to the Mother Machine tracks.   It became much more clear to me that MM1 wasn't the only story project, MM3 and 4 are very much so as well.  MM2 the exception.

It also dawns on me I should do a tribute track to Al Jourgensen and call it Surgical Mother Machine.

The Immortal Mother Machine | Cover Concept 2

2016-08-06 14:10:15 by Anchorwind

Anchorwind - The Immortal Mother Machine Concept 2I think this is better than the yellow sketched idea.

Anchorwind's Mother Machine Infinite Discovery Poster

I like my "Immortal Mother Machine" logo idea, and title.  I think "Infinite Discovery" is better.  Should have thought of that first.

TL;DR - I started a Discord server, uploaded a bunch of samples I made for people to use, and want people to join and upload their samples for us to use.  I think it could be fun to have a big room filled with people constantly collaborating and sending things back and forth (and talking, obviously).

Anyone who has talked to me about music for longer than a few brief moments knows I love tinkering.  I'll sit and play with the same lines and pieces for quite a while.   To that end, I caved and bought the Push 2 - it was on sale recently.  I really wanted it anyway, so there you go.   Since getting it,  I find myself just crafting loops and samples instead of writing songs.    I find myself splicing songs and creating new things.  It's tremendous fun - for me.  

Of course,  I'll publish full pieces.  I have a demo in the works right now, but it's just kind of disinteresting right now.   I have this idea in my head about all these little snippets, I'm having with it.   Push makes it easier, and funner, to make these various ideas I have kicking around.  Live 9 is good, and Komplete 9 works just fine with it as well (albiet not quite as seamless, but we're talking about NI plugins in an Ableton environment - it's ok). 

I could, and probably will,  take all these clips and use them in future projects.  That's more or less what I've been doing anyway.  However,  I think I'd like to make things available for everyone.  There are technologies - like Discord - that make life easy for that.  It's free, and easy.   Join the server, drag and drop - done.

In my head, I'm imagining people not only using it as a real-time chatroom but a consistent place to exchange demos to listen to/critique and samples to collab with.   An environment with which to engage more.   I've collaborated with several people and file transfers have been annoying.  This could make life simpler. 

Alternately, I could just be having delusions of grandeur.  It wouldn't be the first time. 

MMI: The Cover

A year later

2016-05-18 15:15:00 by Anchorwind

A year later I realized I more-or-less gave up on reviews (not in terms of people reviewing my work, those are nice but never really my goal).  I wanted to give every new piece a review, so everyone that took the time to put out a piece had some form of feedback - they had something.

On the industrial portal anyway,  it was manageable - at the time there weren't that many new things coming out (that still may be true, I haven't been paying attention)

A year ago, however, I made the point about being able to change votes and reviews.  I know a lot of people didn't, and don't, care - but I did.  I cared about what I had to say.  It would have been nice to add a "2nd listen review"  or "my vote was a 2 now it's a 4"  .  Things change over time, and I - for one - constantly revisit things and tinker with old and new.

Somewhere along the line, I gave up on it entirely.   Now I like to hide in experimental, where no one votes or comments.  It's quiet.  Perhaps the whote site is quiet now.

Perhaps I should leave more reviews, and just accept that I'll probably disagree with myself in a week or a month.

Nah, I'll say the same I said before.  Let us edit.  I don't care if it says "Initial Post: 10 Oct 2012 (Last Edited: 16 May 2016)"  In some ways, the 5 of us that put forth that kind of effort might be appreciated by the 3 people that notice.

Back to my quiet corner now,  I poked my head up long enough.

475 and Counting.

2015-06-11 21:51:56 by Anchorwind

So, I'm 475 reviews into my one-man quest to leave atleast some form of comment on as many industrial submissions as I can.   I wonder if I can see how many comments I've received on my work: I bet I'm atleast a 10-1 ratio right now and climbing.  As expected, there are some neat tracks buried in the pile.  Some not so much, and I'll figure out how to comment on them too.  Viva Industrial.


Note: My playlist is up to 192 tracks now.  192/475 shows me I'm not being very picky, or the quality is higher than I would have initially expected.  Go Team Ven...err...nevermind

Changes to Reviews

2015-05-13 06:19:54 by Anchorwind

Dear NG. Please let us edit/delete reviews.  Not only may opinions change over time, but as people may misunderstand them It would be nice to be able to clarify, publicly.  Responding to the artist's comments of your review would be nice too.