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Mother Machine 6 Concept Art

Mother Machine 5: Complete

2017-06-30 15:52:26 by Anchorwind

MM5 is now done.  Full Album Downloads (and artwork) can be found here.


It has begun.

Mother Machine Archives

2016-09-26 11:59:47 by Anchorwind

I've put the 4 projects, with cover art and other art all on one page.  Full downloads, story - all of it.

Come take what you want.

Updating the catalog.

2016-08-21 14:37:05 by Anchorwind

That was surprisingly fun.  Took a couple hours and updated the:  CD art covers, titles, tags, and some descriptions for the uploads.   I have no idea why, just felt like it.

The CD covers are good in the project page, but a couple of them are still wrong in the ilst, even after refreshing.  We'll see how long it takes for everything to catch up.

I never used tags, didn't bother.  Since I opened up each one anyway, might as well - right?

Most description changes were adding the storylines to the Mother Machine tracks.   It became much more clear to me that MM1 wasn't the only story project, MM3 and 4 are very much so as well.  MM2 the exception.

It also dawns on me I should do a tribute track to Al Jourgensen and call it Surgical Mother Machine.

The Immortal Mother Machine | Cover Concept 2

2016-08-06 14:10:15 by Anchorwind

Anchorwind - The Immortal Mother Machine Concept 2I think this is better than the yellow sketched idea.

Anchorwind's Mother Machine Infinite Discovery Poster

I like my "Immortal Mother Machine" logo idea, and title.  I think "Infinite Discovery" is better.  Should have thought of that first.

TL;DR - I started a Discord server, uploaded a bunch of samples I made for people to use, and want people to join and upload their samples for us to use.  I think it could be fun to have a big room filled with people constantly collaborating and sending things back and forth (and talking, obviously).

Anyone who has talked to me about music for longer than a few brief moments knows I love tinkering.  I'll sit and play with the same lines and pieces for quite a while.   To that end, I caved and bought the Push 2 - it was on sale recently.  I really wanted it anyway, so there you go.   Since getting it,  I find myself just crafting loops and samples instead of writing songs.    I find myself splicing songs and creating new things.  It's tremendous fun - for me.  

Of course,  I'll publish full pieces.  I have a demo in the works right now, but it's just kind of disinteresting right now.   I have this idea in my head about all these little snippets, I'm having with it.   Push makes it easier, and funner, to make these various ideas I have kicking around.  Live 9 is good, and Komplete 9 works just fine with it as well (albiet not quite as seamless, but we're talking about NI plugins in an Ableton environment - it's ok). 

I could, and probably will,  take all these clips and use them in future projects.  That's more or less what I've been doing anyway.  However,  I think I'd like to make things available for everyone.  There are technologies - like Discord - that make life easy for that.  It's free, and easy.   Join the server, drag and drop - done.

In my head, I'm imagining people not only using it as a real-time chatroom but a consistent place to exchange demos to listen to/critique and samples to collab with.   An environment with which to engage more.   I've collaborated with several people and file transfers have been annoying.  This could make life simpler. 

Alternately, I could just be having delusions of grandeur.  It wouldn't be the first time. 

MMI: The Cover

A year later

2016-05-18 15:15:00 by Anchorwind

A year later I realized I more-or-less gave up on reviews (not in terms of people reviewing my work, those are nice but never really my goal).  I wanted to give every new piece a review, so everyone that took the time to put out a piece had some form of feedback - they had something.

On the industrial portal anyway,  it was manageable - at the time there weren't that many new things coming out (that still may be true, I haven't been paying attention)

A year ago, however, I made the point about being able to change votes and reviews.  I know a lot of people didn't, and don't, care - but I did.  I cared about what I had to say.  It would have been nice to add a "2nd listen review"  or "my vote was a 2 now it's a 4"  .  Things change over time, and I - for one - constantly revisit things and tinker with old and new.

Somewhere along the line, I gave up on it entirely.   Now I like to hide in experimental, where no one votes or comments.  It's quiet.  Perhaps the whote site is quiet now.

Perhaps I should leave more reviews, and just accept that I'll probably disagree with myself in a week or a month.

Nah, I'll say the same I said before.  Let us edit.  I don't care if it says "Initial Post: 10 Oct 2012 (Last Edited: 16 May 2016)"  In some ways, the 5 of us that put forth that kind of effort might be appreciated by the 3 people that notice.

Back to my quiet corner now,  I poked my head up long enough.